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Màn hình quay phim Godox GM55 - Chính hãng
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Godox GM55 4K HDMI Touchscreen Monitor.

GM55 is an on-the-go monitor with numerous advanced features. It enables you to preview the footage and check exposure, focus and other parameters. An ideal solution when shooting outdoors.

Accurate Color Reproduction.

With REC.709 color calibration, the GM55 guarantees natural images with better fidelity than that displayed on the screen of camera. A perfect choice to assess the shooting quality.


4K HDMI Output.

With 4k HDMI output, the GM55 can connect to wireless transmitter and realize real-time monitoring on another screen. It is very convenient when directors and photographer need to monitor at the same time.


IPS Touchscreen With Expansive Viewing Angle.

The IPS touchscreen provides a 1600/1600 viewing angle, and ensures consistent, accurate colors when being watched by a few viewers from different angles.


Custom 3D LUT Support.

The GM55 can import maximum 25 custom 3D LUT via SD card. Display LUT: convert log into Rec.709; Creative LUT: add various creative looks on your footage.


Dummy Battery Available.

Utilizing a dummy battery, the GM55 can power the camera to extend your runtime tremendously.


Camera Control Function.

The GM55 is capable of controlling your camera through the pop-out control menu or the shortcut buttons.


Numerous Features.

The GM55 realizes an overall monitoring by multiple tools, including focus, exposure and more.

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