Kính lọc Filter Daisee UV-Haze Pro DMC Slim

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 pro uv 1


pro uv 2


Note: Above pictures  are just for reference. The real filter size pls check the title!!!


This  is a multi-purpose, fine-weather filter for color as well as black & white  photos. Comparing with Hoya and B+W UV filters, this item is not only quality  assured, but of attractive price, Suitable  for the public! Besides.  


Filter Effect:

It can  absorb the ultraviolet rays, improving image clarity; and  protect front element of lens. It is  helpful when photographing mountain and marine scenes, where  increased haze threatens to make your photographs indistinct in  color and clarity.

uv effect 2


Excellent  DMC Water & Oil  Repellent  Multi-Coating

The DMC coating  has a 8-layer  Water & Oil  Repellent,  Scratch & Stain  Resistant  Coating on Each  Side. The  coating meets  the standard  requirements of  the optical  coating, which  have been put  through rigorous  Salt Water  Immersion Tests.

When testing  this effect by  an oil marker,  the ink will be  broken down into  droplets by the  coating.

DMC Coating

Super Slim Frame

The thickness of  the frame is  merely 3.5mm  making it  perfectly  suitable for  wide angle  lenses, which  can eliminates  vignetting. The  frame has been  through the EU  ROSH standard,  and is in line  with  environmental  requirements.

slim frame 2

Elaborate  Packaging

All Daisee  filters have  adopted a unique  packaging  design, which is  shock proof and  drop resistant.  It can  effectively  protect the  filter, avoiding  damage caused by  external forces  during  handling  and transportation.

The brand name,  "Daisee" is  marked on the  opening buckle  of the filter  case. Please  check it  carefully to  make sure you  purchase the  original  products.



High Quality  Optical Glass:

It employs a  high  transmittance  optical glass,  which can  effectively  block UV rays  below 300mm.  Almost 100%  light can go  through the UV  filter within  the visible  spectral range.   Reflection of  light is less  than 0.02%.

table 1

Daisee Testing  Data indicates  that:

Those filters  without coating  can reflect  about 8% of the  light, which  hitting on the  two air-contact  surfaces of the  glass; while the  light loss of  the multi-coated  filters is only  0.5%.

The edge of  Daisee  lens has  undergone matte  processing in  order to prevent  harmful glare. Daisee’s  multi-coated  filters decrease  the possibility  of glare and  reflection from  approximately 8%  down to 0.5%,  which means  reflection is  reduced 16  times.

table 2

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